BOC gears toward full automation

Aimed at attaining more streamlined and efficient customs processes and procedures, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) developed and implemented 31 Information Communication Technology (ICT) projects and systems as of December 2021 and further aims to fully automate its frontline transactions.

Foremost is the Automated Bonds Management System (ABMS) which monitors the status of bonds from their posting up to their cancellation and expedites the settlement or collection of due and demandable bonds.

It is a bureau-wide system for processing bond transactions, monitoring and aging bond balances, and flagging those that have matured.

The ABMS was first implemented at Port of Manila on Aug. 11, 2021

Another program is the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Online Portal which can be used by stakeholders in applying for the AEO Program.

Implemented on Aug. 25, 2021, it caters to online submission, processing, and approval of AEO applications of importers and exporters

The BOC also successfully deployed the Automated Inventory Management System for Customs Bonded Warehouses (CBW) at the Port of Manila on Sept. 14, 2021 to determine and monitor the stock inventory of bonded goods from the time of its entry into the CBW up to the liquidation of the goods declaration covered by the Warehousing Single Administrative Document.

The Bureau then executed the Electronic Advance Ruling System (e-ARS), which was developed for the electronic submission of application and supporting documents for Advance Ruling on Origin and Valuation, on Sept. 22, 2021.

Other implemented systems of the BOC include:

1. Customs Dashboard

2. High-Performance Server

3. Co-location/Backup Server

4. Customer Care Portal System

5. Document Tracking System

6. Cargo Targeting System

7. Alert Orders Monitoring System

8. Parcel and Balikbayan Boxes Tracking System

9. Informal Entry System for Low Dutiable Value

10. Trade Engine

11. Universal Risk Management System

12. Electronic Tracking of Containerized Cargo

13. Enhanced Value Reference Information System

14. Internal Administration Management System

15. E2M Stabilization, Support, and Maintenance

16. Computerization of Super Green Lane Office

17. General Transportation Surety Bond Online Inquiry

18. Automated Routing and Monitoring System

19. Inventory Management System for Container Yards/Container Freight Stations

20. Client Profile Registration System Status Online Inquiry

21. Pre-payment Online Inquiry System

22. Prepayment System for all types of Declarations

23. Offense Database

24. Backup Network and Internet

25. Electronic Certificate of Origin

26. National Customs Enforcement Network

The projects are included in the Information Systems Strategic Plan submitted to the Department of Information and Communications Technology.

Under the leadership of Commissioner Rey Leonardo Guerrero, the BOC will continue with its modernization initiatives and projects to align the agency’s processes and standards with the world’s best and most efficient customs services.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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