DTI reminds public to avoid panic buying of flu meds

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has reiterated its call to avoid panic buying of flu medicines despite the rising cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

This, as the DTI and the Department of Health (DOH) have pushed through in limiting the purchase of flu medicines despite the recommendation of drug manufacturers that putting a cap on the purchase of these drugs will no longer be needed as there are no production capacity issues in the local market.

The DTI and DOH issued Joint Memorandum Circular No.22-01 limiting the purchase of paracetamol, phenylephrine hydrochloride, carbocisteine, and chlorphenamine maleate paracetamol per person and per household.

“The DTI urges the general public to avoid impulse purchases and to consider generics of these over-the-counter medicines. Rest assured that we are working closely with the manufacturers of these products to ensure enough medicine supply,” DTI Consumer Protection Group Undersecretary Ruth Castelo said in a statement Wednesday.

For Paracetamol, a 500-milligram tablet will be limited to 20 tablets for each person or 60 tablets per household and five per person or 10 per household both for 120 mg/5 milliliters, 60 mL suspension and 250 mg/ 5mL, 60 mL suspension.

A customer can also buy five phenylephrine hydrochloride, chlorphenamine maleate, paracetamol in suspension formula, and 10 per household for this dosage of the said medicine. The tablet form of this medicine is also limited to 20 per person or 60 per household.

Cough medicine carbocisteine is also limited to 20 capsules per person and 60 capsules per household for a 500-mg dosage, while the suspension form is capped at five per person and 10 per household.

The JMC also requires retailers to inform the public of the purchase limits for flu medicines.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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