Duterte will no longer appoint ‘outsiders’ in gov’t

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said he will no longer appoint “outsiders” in government posts.

Duterte said should any of his appointees resign, he would assign the official who is second highest in rank to take over.

“My policy is I do not take outsiders anymore. Kung sino yung second in command diyan sa opisina, departamento na ‘yan, siya ang aakyat (Whoever is second in command in that office or department, he will take over),” he said in a prerecorded public address.

“No more outsiders para mas madali. May alam na talaga (so that it’s easier. Those who really know the job) are those working permanently there,” he added.

Duterte made this remark two days after Eric Domingo resigned as FDA director general on Monday.

FDA Deputy Director Genera,l Dr. Oscar Gutierrez, was designated as officer-in-charge.

The FDA establishes safety or efficacy standards and quality measures for foods, drugs and devices and cosmetics and other health products.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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