Iloilo teacher converts house room into ‘class home’

A Grade 1 teacher of Dueñas Central Elementary School brings home her classroom by converting a small room in their house in Barangay Poblacion B in Dueñas, Iloilo into a “class home”.

“Our school was utilized as a quarantine facility at the start of Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019). So we only report twice a week,” said 36-year old Daisy Mae Celis-Lapasaran in an interview on Monday.

They only report on Monday to distribute and retrieve modules, and on Friday as duty officers.

Since most of the time they are on a work from home (WFH) mode, gradually she converted a space in their house into her working area to make it easier for her to monitor her learners.

“Through messenger or via phone call, I can monitor them on their modules,” she said.

The class home has a length of 10 meters and width of two meters.

Except for a blackboard, she has the room equipped with bulletin board, monitoring board for modules, family tree with photos of her learners, class and teacher’s program, top officials of the Department of Education (DepEd) and even the mission, vision, and core values of the department.

The well-kept class home serves as her base when she attends virtual meetings and seminars.

Modules are sorted and printed in the same room. If she gets tired and needs to take a nap, she finds comfort in the little bed inside the class home.

Her unique presentation was noticed when she posted her picture inside her class home to pay tribute to her fellow teachers October 5 celebration of the World Teachers Day on her Facebook account with # school_away_from-school and WFH (work from home)_feels.

Her school principal Vivien Lavadia and district supervisor Divina Famucol were happy with what she did.

In fact, Celis-Lapasaran said her school principal has no idea that she has that kind of setup in their house.

“They were happy that I have that kind of initiative. I didn’t expect that it would create an impact,” she added.

A Grade 1 teacher for 12 years, Celis-Lapasaran said her family is supportive of her unique initiative, especially her husband who is also applying for a teacher position.

She added that while there are a lot of initiatives that could even be better than hers, yet she hoped that her class home could also inspire other teachers.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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