Over 1-M receive Covid-19 vaccine doses in Zamboanga City

The city health office (CHO) reported Wednesday that a total of 1,098,532 individuals have received their coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccines since the start of the vaccination rollout here in March 2021.

Data from the CHO showed that 602,812 of the 1,098,532 vaccinees have received their first dose while the remaining 495,720 have received their second dose of Covid-19 vaccines as of Tuesday.

The data showed that 86.7 percent of the target eligible population have been partially inoculated while the remaining 13.3 percent have been fully vaccinated.

The target eligible population for both first and second doses is 694,696, according to the CHO report.

The first dose Covid-19 vaccine recipients included health front-liners (A1), 19,132; senior citizens (A2), 50,613; individuals with comorbidity (A3), 69,977; front-liner personnel in essential sector, 158,367 (A4); indigents (A5), 111,993; rest of population (ROP), 108,279; pediatrics with comorbidity, 1,611; and, rest of pediatrics population (ROPP), 82,840.

Those who received their second dose of the vaccine are as follows: 18,134, A1; 45,844, A2; 74,658, A3; 127,720, A4; 91,462, A5; 68,523, ROP; 1,254, pediatrics with comorbidity; and 68,125, ROPP.

Meanwhile, the CHO data also showed that 14,510 individuals, mostly belonging to the A1, A2, and A3 priority groups, have received their vaccine booster shots as of Tuesday.

The inoculation drive is ongoing in different vaccination centers here, which include shopping malls, schools, and health centers.

Eleven vaccination centers were opened Wednesday catering to pediatrics (12 to 17 years old) and adults, providing primary doses as well as vaccine boosters for the rest of the population except pediatrics.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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