Spectators urged to flood TikTok with ‘Dagyang’ steps

Spectators of the Dinagyang Festival are encouraged to join the “Dagyang sa Social Media” contest by storming Tiktok with their dance movements.

This as people could not invade the streets here with merry-making moves or “dagyang” due to restrictions imposed by the local government amid the pandemic.

“This is the first time that we are using the platform to do the ‘dagyang’. That is why it is titled ‘Dagyang sa Social Media’,” said Joyce Clavecillas, executive director of the Iloilo Festivals Foundation Inc. (IFFI), in an interview Thursday. IFFI manages the 2022 Dinagyang Festival.

The dance challenge is open to individuals with TikTok accounts.

It has two categories: First is the “padayon” where the performer or performers will be using the official music of the festival and follow a specific routine; the second is the freestyle where they can have their own dance steps still using the festival’s official music.

“This is just 15 seconds and the music is the chorus part of the ‘Hala-Bira’. They can shoot anywhere because we have not specified a location,” Clavecillas added.

Those interested to join are encouraged to submit early and no longer wait for the Jan. 17 deadline so they can gain more followers to win the “Most Viral” prize.

There will also be winners of the Jury’s Choice award.

“It’s running already and we were given feedback by our organizers that we already have many entries,” she said.

Those joining have to upload their videos using hashtags #PadayonIloiloDinagyang #Iloilo Dinagyang2022 #Dinagyang Digital2022 #PadayonIloilo #VivaSeñorSantoNiño #FYP for the “padayon”category.

For the freestyle category they have to use the hashtag #IloiloDinagyang2022 Freestyle #Iloilo Dinagyang2022 #Dinagyang Digital2022 #PadayonIloilo #VivaSeñorSantoNiño #FYP.

Clavecillas added that winners will bring home cash prizes and other items.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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