Zambo City exec raises alert level vs. terrorism

As the frenzy of Christmas celebrations reached its peak this week, Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar raised on Friday the city’s level of alertness against terrorism.

This developed as the state security forces thwarted what could have been a devastating bomb explosion following the confiscation Wednesday night of an improvised explosive device (IED) ready for detonation, and the arrest of the suspected bomber in Barangay Kasanyangan here.

The main charge of the IED is a 90-mm high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) ammunition.

Security forces also seized bomb-making components consisting of a detonating cord, a nine-volt battery, battery snap connector, pressure switch, improvised electric blasting cap, and transparent plastic.

Salazar appealed for a much stronger presence of police and military forces in the city even as she urged the people to also do their share of civic duty, stressing that government cannot do it alone without the people’s support and cooperation.

“Let us be vigilant and continue the high level of alert to prevent any terror activities while maintaining our efforts to fight Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) by complying with minimum public health standards,” Salazar said in a statement Friday.

She also urged the people to avoid overcrowding or refrain from going to crowded places as this provides the opportunity for terror attacks and it could also be a super spreader event for the Covid-19.

“Likewise, don’t bring backpacks and other unnecessary items,” she said.

“While we cannot stop people from going out as this is Christmas season, what we can do is a lot of proactive and preemptive measures so that every family is allowed to celebrate Christmas and the new year peacefully and safely,” she added.

The mayor urged everyone instead to stay home and be safe.

Salazar ordered the local police to conduct checkpoints in strategic places to thwart any attempt of bombings in the locality.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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