Zambo City gov’t employees urged to get vaccinated

Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar has appealed to all city government workers here to submit themselves for vaccination.

Salazar made the appeal during Monday’s virtual flag ceremony where she announced a total of 489,068 residents of this city have received their second dose of vaccine or are fully vaccinated since the start of the vaccination program in March 2021.

They represent 70.40 percent of the target eligible population for vaccination of 694,696.

However, Salazar did not disclose as to how many percent of the nearly 3,000 city government employees remain unvaccinated.

“It (the vaccination) has been proven to lower serious and critical cases of Covid-19,” Salazar said. “Let us be courageous, let us not be fearful, let us get vaccinated.”

She said 602,388 individuals from different priority groups received their first dose of the coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine, representing 86.71 percent of the target eligible population of 694,696.

Salazar said the city government is also continuing its vaccination rollout for all unvaccinated as well as those partially vaccinated residents.

At the same time, she noted that the city government is pursuing the administration of vaccine boosters to workers on front-line health services (A1) and senior citizens (A2).

The city health office started last week giving vaccine booster doses to members of the A1 and A2 priority groups who have completed the primary vaccination series.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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