13K migratory birds present in Bataan: 2018 Asian Waterbird census

BALANGA CITY -- Some 13,065 migratory birds were present in one day in wetlands in this Bataan city, the Asian Waterbird census recorded on Saturday.

There was a slight decrease compared wit5,075 birds counted on January 22, 2017.

Representatives of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Tourism (DOT), and the Wild Bird Club made the count in barangays Lote, Sibacan, Puerto Rivas Ibaba, Puerto Rivas Itaas, and Tortugas -- all seaside villages in this city.

The DOT has declared the five villages as among birdwatching sites in the country.

The DENR-led waterbird census is simultaneously held in various birdwatching sites every January. It is an international endeavor of scientists to monitor the population of waterbirds in Asia.

The bird count started in Balanga City in 2009.

Based on the latest report, there are 63 species of migratory birds, mostly small, medium, and large egrets, whiskered tern, and black-winged stilt frequenting Balanga.

The birds arrive in the city's wetlands starting September to escape the harsh cold winter days in mainland Asia and Europe, and then return to their countries of origin in March.

Source: Philippine News Agency