19 students from Marawi admitted in Makati schools

MANILA(PNA) -- The University of Makati (UMak) and the Higher School ng UMak (HSU) have granted admission and full scholarship to a total of 19 students who have transferred from 11 different schools in war-torn Marawi City, according to the Office of the University Registrar.

In a statement, Makati Mayor Abby Binay directed UMak to accept transferees from Marawi and children of soldiers who were killed in action.

To date, 13 college students from Marawi City are enrolled at UMak while six senior high school students are enrolled at HSU, the pilot senior high school under the auspices of UMak.

The mayor has also ordered that the transferees be enrolled on full scholarship to help them get back to their studies and recover fast from their traumatic experience.

We want to give new hope to these students and help them to focus on pursuing their studies so they could build a better future for themselves and their families, the lady mayor said.

Based on the records of the UMak Registrar's Office, six of the transferees came from the Ranao Council Al-Khwarizmi International College, three were from Mindanao State University (MSU)-Main Campus in Marawi, and two from IBN Siena Integrated School Foundation.

The rest of the transferees came from MSU Lanao Campus, Lake Lanao College, Philippine Engineering Agro Industrial College, Adiong Memorial Polytechnic College, Jamiatul Philippine al-Islamia (JPI) Marawi City, Dansalan College Foundation Marawi City, Marawi Foundation Academy Incorporated, and Marawi City National High School, with one each.

Six of the 13 college students are taking up Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting, with three each in second year and third year. Two other students are taking up Bachelor in Secondary Education major in General Science, while another student is taking up BS Civil Engineering, all in their third year.

The remaining four Marawi transferees at UMak have enrolled as freshmen in BS Computer Science major in Application Development, BS Human Resource Development Management, and BS Supply Chain Management, and BSED General Science, respectively.

In senior high school, six students have been enrolled at the HSU under the auspices of UMak, composed of two in Grade 12 and four in Grade 11.

UMak's Admission Office remained open for three weeks after classes in the university started last June 19 to accommodate transferees from Marawi. They were interviewed at the Admissions Office and were endorsed to the University Registrar for validation of their school documents if they have any.

Given their special circumstance, they were not required to provide their school credentials right away. In the meantime, they were only required to present at least an endorsement from their local government or any documents attesting that they studied or came from Marawi.

In 2014, UMak accepted emergency transferees from Yolanda-affected areas, including those from Leyte and Samar, and granted them full scholarship. One has graduated last April, while three others are currently enrolled at the university.

Source: Philippine News Agency