Holy Week crime incidents in NegOcc down 40% this year

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The Negros Occidental Police Provincial Office (NOCPPO) has reported an average decrease of 40.28 percent in Holy Week crime incidents this year compared to the number recorded in 2021, data released on Monday showed.

From April 10 to 16, 2022, only 43 crimes were reported while during the Holy Week from March 28 to April 2, 2021, the police logged 72 total crime incidents.

Lt. Abegael Donasco, NOCPPO spokesperson, said the lower number of crimes during this year’s observance of Lent can be attributed to the preventive measures implemented by various police stations and units.

“We also increased police visibility operations in areas of convergence such as churches and other places,” she added.

Of the 43 crime incidents logged this year, some 23 were both index and non-index crimes.

Index crimes refer to crimes against persons and property, of which eight incidents were reported, while non-index crimes, which are violations of special laws, totaled 18.

In the index list are the eight focus crimes, including murder, homicide, physical injury, robbery, theft, vehicle theft, motorcycle theft, and rape.

All the 23 incidents are categorized under the peace and order indicator (POI) or those that reflect the crime situation in a particular community.

The remaining 20 incidents, which are listed under Public Safety Indicator (PSI), cover vehicular incidents such as those resulting in homicide, physical injury, and property damage.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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