8 villages in landslide-hit Baybay City tagged as danger zones


The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) regional office here on Friday initially identified eight villages in Baybay City as danger zones after showing early signs of landslides.

The MGB found the susceptibility of these communities after a thorough assessment of these areas in response to reports from residents of visible tension cracks.

MGB Eastern Visayas Regional Director Carlos Tayag said these sites are in the villages of Mailhi, Kantagnos, Bunga, Maypatag, Makinhas, Cagumay, Mag-aso, and Kan-ipa.

“Not all of these areas had occurrence of catastrophic landslide on April 10, but the presence of these cracks in steep slopes will surely trigger landslide if there is heavy rainfall,” Tayag told reporters in a press briefing.

The result of the assessment has been relayed to local government units for the enforcement of “no dwelling zones.”

Tayag asked local government units to seriously study copies of geohazard maps available online through the official website of MGB.

Local governments are also urged to put warning signs in susceptible areas.

MGB regional chief geologist Celestina Carranza said about 50 percent of the land area is considered landslide-prone based on their latest geohazard map, but they have been prioritizing the assessment in areas with reports of cracks.

“There are several areas with manifestation of landslide. There are also minor landslides that may cause catastrophic landslides. We expect that to happen, but we don’t know when,” Carranza added.

MGB regional geologist Leandrew Luz said six sites in Baybay have been identified as safe for relocation of affected residents.

These are in the villages of Maganhan, Hibunawan, Bubon, Can-ipa, and two areas in Ciabu.

“Most of these identified sites are with flat terrain, near the road, and not moderately susceptible to landslide,” Luz told reporters.

The MGB has no available information on the list of danger zones in Abuyog, Leyte where a catastrophic landslide wiped out a coastal village on April 10.

Among the factors that triggered landslide occurrences in Leyte during the onslaught of Tropical Depression Agaton include geology, topography, soil type, climate, and excessive rainfall.

The landslides in Baybay on April 10 have killed at least 128 people with over a hundred still missing.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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