10ID aims better services with 75 new vehicles


The Philippine Army’s 10th Infantry Division (ID) received Monday the second batch of modern vehicles that completes the 75 units allocated for re-fleeting purposes.

Maj. Gen. Nolasco Mempin, 10ID commander, said in an interview the newly-acquired units were composed of special purpose vehicles (SPVs), motorcycles, and ambulances.

“These will further improve our mandate of protecting the people and securing the land against all forms of threats whether man-made or natural,” Mempin said.

Mempin said the SPVs will be issued to units and staff that have not been issued new vehicles.

“This assures that they can attend to their personnel performing combat operations on the front lines safely and fast. These will also elevate our community support programs under the National Task Force on Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict,” he said.

The second batch of new vehicles comprises seven units of Mitsubishi pickup trucks; two units of Toyota van-type ambulances; and 31 units of Kawasaki motorcycle.

Thirty-five other vehicles in the first batch were earlier turned over to the 10ID.

Mempin said the vehicles, especially the motorcycles, will further enhance the 10ID’s stakeholder engagements, as well as community services in the far-flung communities that could not be reached by four-wheeled vehicles.

The ambulances, on the other hand, will double their life-saving capability for their personnel during casualty or medical evacuation.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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