OPAPRU workers instrumental in Duterte admin peace agenda


Government peace workers played a major part in the effective promotion of the comprehensive Philippine peace process under the Duterte administration.

Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr. cited the staff of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Reconciliation and Unity (OPAPRU) for “passionately and selflessly” implementing various peace-building initiatives of the government.

“It is because of your dedication, passion, and hard work that we have been able to implement our various peace-building initiatives which undoubtedly will bear fruit in the long run,” Galvez said in an online post on Tuesday.

OPAPRU held an employees’ recognition event at Philippine International Convention Center on Monday.

Galvez noted that among the major accomplishments of the agency were socio-economic assistance to former rebels, decommissioning of Moro Islamic Liberation Front members, and the successful implementation of localized peace engagements, conflict-sensitive and peace-building initiatives, among others.

He said that through the agency’s expanded mandate by virtue of Executive Order No. 158 (Strengthening the policy framework on peace, reconciliation and unity, and reorganizing the government’s administrative structure), OPAPRU will focus on “embedding peace, reconciliation, and unity in the Philippines’ social fabric; enhance the nation’s resilience for peace; and help in the country’s social, economic, and political engineering by addressing the root causes of armed conflict”.

“As our agency undergoes a major transformation, we are glad that we have all of you on board to help sustain and build on the gains we have achieved, even in the most challenging times. You have remained committed to serving your countrymen,” he said.

”As the administration of President Duterte nears its end, it is leaving behind a legacy that it can be proud of — a legacy of peace that is now being experienced by each and every Filipino,” he added.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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