Troops deployed to remote poll centers in Zambo Norte


The Army’s 97th Infantry Battalion (97IB) has deployed 477 personnel to render election security duty in Zamboanga del Norte, officials said Tuesday.

Lt. Col. Nolasco Coderos Jr., 97IB commander, said the troopers were deployed in the two of the province’s three congressional districts.

“Most of these troops will be deployed in far-flung polling centers in isolated communities,” Coderos said in a statement.

During the troops’ formation Monday, Coderos reminded the soldiers to remain apolitical and to refrain from engaging in all forms of partisan politics.

Brig. Gen. Leonel Nicolas, 102nd Infantry Brigade commander, assured the troops they will be provided with all the support they need, noting that communication is one of the challenges they will face in far-flung and isolated communities.

“There will be a time that you need to decide immediately, and since communication will be the primary hindrance to communicating with your superiors, do not hesitate to make your action and consider it as my decision, too—as long as it is right and not for self-interest,” Nicolas said.

Meanwhile, lawyer Ellis Miguel, provincial election supervisor, underscored the importance of partner agencies, especially the security sector.

“The security forces play a vital part in the enforcement of our election laws and orders,” he said.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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