Army official calls for public vigilance on Election Day


A top official of the Philippine Army has asked the public to be vigilant against possible distractions and intimidation of voters on Election Day.

Army’s 8th Infantry Division commander Maj. Gen. Edgardo de Leon on Thursday urged the public to report possible election-related violence or disturbance in the voting process.

“If you notice that someone will attempt to distract voting, just inform our police and soldiers at checkpoints and we will immediately respond. We cannot cover all areas in Eastern Visayas that’s why we need reports from concerned citizens,” De Leon told reporters.

The official believes that local private armed groups and the New People’s Army cannot fight with government forces.

“We will run after those who will disturb peace and order up to the mountains. That’s our mandate. We just need information about their presence from the communities. If your information are delayed, it would be too late for us to respond,” De Leon said.

Nearly 6,000 soldiers are deployed for election duties in Eastern Visayas, most will secure polling precincts in remote communities where there are threats from private armed groups and rebels.

A platoon of soldiers (about 20 to 50 personnel) is assigned to each precinct or checkpoint in conflict-stricken areas.

From the Philippine National Police, there are about 10,000 personnel deployed for election duties.

Most of them will secure precincts near highways and urban centers.

The region has 3,166,262 registered voters who will troop to 6,271 clustered precincts established in 4,390 villages.

Authorities have not identified any election hotspots in Eastern Visayas for the May 9 national and local elections.

Source: Philippines News Agency

Source: Philippines News Agency

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