No power shortage during May 9 polls


The National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) issued on Friday its power outlook for May 7 to 10, seeing no shortage in power supply across the country in the next four days.

The NGCP said as candidates are expected to hold their miting de avance this weekend, the Luzon grid will have a 3,515-megawatt (MW) operating margin on Saturday and 3,489 MW spare capacity on Sunday.

The Visayas grid has a tighter supply with an operating margin of 473 MW on May 7 and 511 MW on May 8.

There is no looming power supply in the Mindanao grid over the weekend since the operating margin of power generation facilities is 1,196 MW on Saturday and 1,316 MW on Sunday.

On Election Day, the Luzon grid has an available generating capacity of 13,909 MW, with a system peak demand of 9,989 MW, resulting in a spare capacity of 3,920 MW, the NGCP said.

The Visayas grid has available electricity of 2,434 MW and demand of up to 2,138 MW, leaving an operating margin of 296 MW.

The Mindanao grid has an available supply of 2,998 MW during the May 9 polls, with 1,730 MW peak demand. The extra power capacity for this grid is 1,268 MW.

Lower spare capacity is seen across the country after the elections, with the spare capacity in the Luzon grid at 2,862 MW, Visayas gird at 287 MW, and Mindanao grid at 1,119 MW.

“The entire energy family has been continuously working to ensure uninterrupted energy supply before, during, and after the elections. We will protect the vote of the Filipino people,” Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi said.

Source: Philippines News Agency

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