Abella: Duterte supports any move to ‘correct’ gov’t institutions

MANILA -- MalacaAang on Monday said President Rodrigo Duterte is supportive of any move that would correct government institutions.

Without making reference to any particular individual, the President is highly supportive of all moves that will set the Philippine government in order, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said during a Palace briefing.

The Palace official issued the statement when asked if the President is supportive of the move to impeach Commission on Elections (Comelec) chairman Andres Bautista over allegations of unexplained wealth.

Bautista is currently under fire after his wife, Patricia, alleged that the Comelec chief has PHP1 billion in ill-gotten wealth.

Several lawmakers said the allegations against Bautista cast doubt on the integrity of the 2016 elections and are calling for his impeachment.

Abella said the President has made it clear beforehand about his stand on corruption.

He (Duterte) has been very clear about that and it's one of his campaign promises. So each and every move that entails bringing about a correction in our institutions is welcome and I am sure he is supportive of, he said.

Abella, however, clarified that his statements do not point to any specific individual.

That is not in reference to any particular individual, he said.

Source: Philippine News Agency