Aguirre shrugs off Trillanes’ ‘storyline’ on Kenneth Dong as witness

MANILA -- Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre II on Friday shrugged off the claims of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on the case businessman Kenneth Dong, who was tagged in the P6.4 billion illegal drugs shipment.

In a news report, Trillanes was quoted saying: Sec. Aguirre is setting the stage to absolve Paolo Duterte's good friend/partner, Kenneth Dong, in this P6-billion shabu controversy.

Amusing. I had a good laugh when I read it. We could all use the comic relief he provided, Aguirre said in a statement.

Senator Trillanes is already writing the ending of a story that has yet to start. While it is true that I said that there is a possibility for Mr. Dong to be a state witness, I also said that it will all depend on the determination of Mr. Dong not appearing to be the most guilty. Such a fact has yet to be established. The statement of Sen. Trillanes at this point is too premature that it is laughable, he added.

Dong was arrested by NBI on Tuesday by virtue of arrest warrant issued by Paranaque Regional Trial Court on June 30, 2017 for the crime of rape.

The Justice Secretary said the rape incident occurred last April 9, 2016, when the victim was then "deprived of reason or otherwise unconscious, against her will and without her consent.

Aguirre said the NBI would inform the court about Dong's arrest.

Dong is one of the respondents in the drug trafficking charges filed by NBI before the DOJ in connection with the PHP6.4 billion shabu seized last May 26 in two warehouses in Valenzuela City.

The NBI claimed that the respondents were responsible for the importation of the illegal drugs from China and which was later recovered by authorities inside the warehouse of Hongfei Logistics Group of Companies in Valenzuela City, which is owned by Richard Chen.

Since Senator Trillanes is into story writing nowadays, perhaps he should also tell all concerned and responsible media practitioners where he is hiding the self-confessed media killer Arturo Lascanas, the man who admitted killing media man and radio anchor Jun Pala. Now that is a story worth telling, Aguirre noted.

Last June, Aguirre sent a letter to the Department of Affairs (DFA) to cancel the passport of LascaAas.

Aguirre said that LascaAas has three warrants of arrest issued against him, noting that he has to be brought to the court to face the charges against him.

The Davao City Regional Trial Court Branch 10 issued an arrest warrant against LascaAas over the cases of murder and attempted murder over the killing of broadcaster Juan Jun Pala in 2003.

Source: Philippine News Agency