Airport authorities nab ‘salisi gang’ suspects

MANILA-- Six people were nabbed Tuesday along MIA Road near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2, for allegedly trying to steal the bag of a Japanese passenger.

Operatives from the Intelligence and Detection Section (IDS) of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) Airport Police Department (APD) believed that the suspects were members of "salisi gang".

Airport police officers (APOs) apprehended the suspects identified as Noimie Javier, Gerry Alegre, Estela Ramirez, Joy Vinto, Ben Santos and Joseph Reyes.

According to MIAA, the APOs initially observed the suspects for acting suspiciously at the public area of Terminal 2.

APO2 Alvin Patayan had approached 54-year old Tanigawa Shinichi, who was sitting at the waiting area, and learned that the Japanese national nearly got victimized by the group.

Tanigawa said the suspects tried to grab his bag, but they failed as he was able to hold the bag tightly.

The suspects immediately fled from the scene. However, police said the van used by the suspects was again spotted in the area.

"APO2 Patayan called for back up, and that led to the arrest of the suspects after a brief chase with the IDS operatives," MIAA said.

On Wednesday, the MIAA said the six are still at the APD headquarters, and noted that they will bring the suspects to the Pasay Prosecutors Office for inquest proceedings.

It may be recalled that APOs were also able to apprehend six members of "salisi gang" last November after several months of surveillance.

Those six are currently detained at the Pasay City Jail, according to MIAA.

With this, MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal emphasized that the management will not stop its efforts to get rid of the "bad elements" at the country's main airport.

He earlier told the Philippine News Agency that "tanim bala" -- one of the biggest dilemmas at NAIA, has ended during the first six months of the Duterte administration.

Other efforts include addressing issues on abusive taxi drivers, and getting rid of the "salisi gang".

Source: Philippines News Agency