Amazing super memory program for executives and professionals (Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines – People are better performers at work when they have a stronger memory compared to their peers who are often forgetful. This is so true for the two batches of businessmen, executives and professionals who were able to increase their memory power by a 100 percent to 300 percent when they attended last year the two-day seminar titled, “Super Memory Techniques for Executives and Professionals: Peak Learning for Better Work Performance and Productivity” conducted by The Center for Global Best Practices. And while you think you have a poor memory, you can change and improve your memory skills with a revolutionary and breakthrough program that teaches participants various ways of effectively retaining and recalling information.

You cannot learn what you cannot remember. So before embarking on any new learnings, we should prioritize teaching ourselves how to memorize effectively, better and faster to remember facts, concepts, to-do lists, presentations, names and faces, general information, and events based on what you hear, read and see. For those interested, this year’s schedule for this seminar-workshop will on Oct. 8 and 9, 2015 at Shangri-La EDSA Hotel, Mandaluyong City. For details and a complete list of upcoming best practices seminars including Supermemory Program for Law Students and Lawyers, for Students and Parents, log on to or call (02) 842-7148 / 59 and 556-8968 / 69 Cebu lines (032) 512-3106 or 07 or Baguio line (074) 423-5148 for public and in-house trainings.

Learn from the coach that made the Philippines No. 1 in Asia as overall champion in international memory championships. This training will feature trainer-coach Robert Racasa. He is known as the Father of Philippine Memory Sports who coached and has produced three Filipino International Grandmasters of Memory. His achievements include double gold medalist in the Thailand International Memory Championships in 2012 and a silver medalist in the World Memory Championship 2011 in China. He has also earned the title of Walking Human Calendar. He has been featured 24 times in GMA 7, ANC Channel and ABS-CBN for his outstanding achievement in memory sports and his advocacy for healthy memory.

Imagine how two days of training can have a lifetime of benefits for you. You will attain a more competitive advantage, a better performance at work, and reap the rewards of having a great sense of accomplishment. This is a limited-seats-only event and pre-registration is required.