Army’s 3ID ready for any Mideast deployment

With the unrest in some areas in the Middle East due to the tension between Iran and the United States, the Philippine Army's 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) on Friday expressed its readiness for any deployment to conflict areas.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), through its Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Felimon Santos Jr., earlier stated that the troops have prepared a plan to repatriate Filipinos from Iran and Iraq.

Capt. Cenon Pancito III, 3ID's spokesperson, said in a press conference here that the Army division would be ready and happy to assist Filipinos in the Middle East.

Pancito said the 3ID awaits the final guidance from its headquarters on the battalions to be sent to the conflict areas.

Placement-wise, 3ID can be one (of the divisions) to provide troops (to) the Middle East. On our part, we will be ready and we will be happy if we will be chosen to be sent, he said.

Pancito said the Army division would consider it an honor if the national headquarters request troops from Central and Western Visayas.

When this happens, he said, the Army division would source the soldiers from Negros Island, which has more troops than Panay.

It will be a rare opportunity to serve our fellow Filipinos there. However, all these directives will still be up to the leadership of the Philippine Army, Pancito said.

He also assured that the efforts of the Army are ongoing and the higher post would respond according to the requirements of the national government.

Pancito also clarified the mission of the Philippine Army in the Middle East would only be to facilitate the repatriation of Filipinos and not to participate in the war.

Source: Philippines News Agency