Assad’s press office slams US strike on Syria as ‘irresponsible and short-sighted’ move

BEIRUT-- US aggression against Syria is an irresponsible and short-sighted action that holds no military or political prospects," the Syrian presidential office said in a statement circulated by the news agency SANA on Friday.

The missile strike carried out by the United States on a Syrian air base in the province of Homs pursues a goal of rendering support to its accomplices from among terrorist groups active in Syria, the statement reads.

"The Syrian Arab Republic states in response that this aggression will only strengthen Syrians' resolve to crush mercenaries' gangs and will accelerate the pace of military operations against them," according to the document.

Tomahawk strike

On the order of US President Donald Trump, the US military fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from its warships in the Mediterranean on an air base in the Syrian province of Homs on Thursday night. The missile strike was delivered in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian province of Idlib on April 4. The US leadership believes that the alleged chemical attack was launched from that airfield.

Source: Philippines News Agency