Aussie nun’s deportation case does not suspend visa lapse: DOJ

MANILA -- Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra clarified that the deportation case against Australian nun Patricia Fox need not be resolved ahead of the expiration of her tourist visa on November 3.

In a message to reporters Wednesday night, Guevarra added that when the deportation case is eventually cleared in her favor, Fox may opt to apply for removal from the government's blacklist and eventually seek permission to visit the country anew.

"The deportation case is a totally different matter. Sister Fox must leave after her visa expires, without prejudice to the DOJ decision in the deportation case on appeal. If Sister Fox eventually wins, her name will be removed from the immigration blacklist and she may return to the Philippines," he said.

Fox, through her counsels on Wednesday, said their client will leave the country following the expiration of the 59-day extension of her visa. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency