Bahrain PM vows to protect Filipino migrant workers’ rights

??MANILA � A day before the Philippine government imposed a total deployment ban in one of the oil-rich state in Middle East following reports of abuses, Bahrain government has committed to protect the rights of Filipinos while in the Kingdom, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said on Tuesday.??

Bahrain's Prime Minister HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa met with Philippine Ambassador Alfonso Ver at his office on Feb. 11.????

During the meeting, the DFA said Khalifa "expressed concern over the welfare of Filipino workers in Bahrain and assured that the government of Bahrain is committed to protect their rights while they are here in the Kingdom."??

He likewise reaffirmed that his office is open to accept reports of any misconduct committed against Filipino workers by employers or agencies in Bahrain, adding their government is willing to work hand in hand with Manila, through the Embassy, to address such problems.??

Meanwhile, the Bahraini leader reiterated his admiration and fondness of the Filipino people, and praised them for being "efficient and very good workers."??

Khalifa said Bahrain welcomes all expatriate workers in the Kingdom, but stressed that he "loves Filipinos, in particular," as many are working for him in his office and palace. He even mentioned that more Filipino workers should come to Bahrain.??

Ver, for his part, expressed appreciation for the Prime Minister's "genuine concern for Filipino workers" and informed the Gulf state leader that, thus far, "Filipinos in Bahrain have, in general, received good treatment from their employers."??

He informed Khalifa that while there are some problems encountered by some Filipino workers in Bahrain, most of it are "minor or are easily resolved through the cooperation and coordination" of the Embassy and its attached agencies with the relevant agencies of the Bahraini government.??

These include the Department of Labor, the Labor Market Regulatory Authority, the Ministry of Interior, Immigration and the Police.??

According to the DFA, the meeting concluded with Ver reiterating the country's gratitude to Bahrain for welcoming Filipino workers and for recognizing them as contributors to the country's development.

Source: Philippine News Agency