BARMM envi agency holds exam for 1st batch of applicants

A total of 528 applicants took the pre qualifying examination for 76 high level plantilla positions at the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Energy of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (MENRE BARMM) this week, a regional environment executive said Thursday.

MENRE BARMM Minister Abdulraof Macacua, concurrent regional executive secretary, said the examinees for Salary Grades 18 to 24 were part of the first batch of some 2,000 applicants who passed the preliminary evaluation earlier conducted by the ministry.

"There were around 7,000 applicants for plantilla positions we posted at the online job portal, and out of those, only around 2,000 passed the preliminary evaluation based on their eligibility, training, education, and work experience, Macacua said.

The initial batch of applicants took the examination at the MENRE�BARMM office at Shariff Kabunsuan Complex, the administrative seat of BARMM, in this city from February 10 to 13.

We are going for the most qualified applicants for our office, Macacua said.

Applicants who will qualify to proceed to the next phase of the screening process will be notified through their mobile phone contact number or email address as soon as the results of the exams are out.

Macacua said the next batch of MENRE BARMM pre qualifying examination is scheduled to take place in Zamboanga City for the island provinces of Sulu, Basilan, and Tawi Tawi later this month.

For the remaining batches of applicants who applied for positions with Salary Grades 10 to 17, the MENRE BARMM said it would soon release the names of examinees for their February 18 to 25 pre qualifying test schedules through the job portal.

Source: Philippines News Agency