Bersamin calls on court workers to improve judiciary in 2019

MANILA -- Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin on Monday urged court employees to work for significant improvements in the judiciary in the coming year.

"The new year signified a new beginning that we must fuse with a genuine effort for reformation and improvement for ourselves, our families, our work and our country. We in the judiciary are obliged to build on the positive undertakings of the past to bring about even more meaningful changes and make courts accessible, accountable, efficient, effective and responsive to the needs of the public," he said in a statement.

"We are committed to embark on new initiatives in accordance with our sacred task to promote justice and uphold the rule of law," the chief magistrate added.

Bersamin, who was appointed last November by President Rodrigo Duterte to succeed retired Chief Justice Teresa Leonardo-De Castro, will lead the 15-man tribunal until he reaches the mandatory retirement age on October 2019.

"The year that was did test the Supreme Court's resilience. We encountered truly daunting and consequential challenges. Let us take the time to take stock of these challenges and discern our experiences and learn from them guided by a renewed hope, fresh start and new vision," Bersamin added. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency