BIR files tax evasion raps vs 3 firms in QC, Pasig

MANILA-- The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) on Tuesday filed separate tax evasion complaints before the Department of Justice (DOJ) against three delinquent taxpayers for their failure to pay taxes amounting to PHP10.5 million.

In a statement, the BIR said that James Carucho Maniego, proprietor of Multi Dimension Building, which is engaged in retail and wholesale of products in Cubao, Quezon City is facing raps for violation of Section 255 of tax code, allegedly failing to pay taxes worth PHP5,229,906.16 for taxable year 2006.

The allegedly unpaid taxes are broken down into income tax at PHP2,941,108.42, and value added tax at PHP2,288,797.74.

Also sued for violating Section 255 of the Tax Code is Elenita B. Inchong for having a total tax liability amounting PHP2,712,469.70 for taxable year 2007.

Inchong is the corporate manager of Eco State Builders Incorporated (EBI) engaged in construction with business address at No. 165 Scout De Guia Sacred Heart, Quezon City.

The BIR also filed charges against Medityre Corporation and its President Lorenzo Vito Sarmiento is engaged in the business of buying, selling, distributing, marketing at wholesale and retail of goods, commodities, wares and merchandise of every kind and description retail and all kinds of goods, wares and products with registered business address at 108 Lite Building, amang Rodriguez Avenue, De La Paz, Pasig City. It is being sued for a total deficiency VAT liability covering the 2010 amounting PHP2,640,704.03.

BIR Quezon City records of investigation showed that the abovementioned respondents were served the corresponding Letter Notices (LN), Letters of Authority (LOA), Requests for Presentations of Records, Subpoena Duces Terum (SDT), Preliminary Assessment Notices (PAN), Final Assessment Notices (FAN), and Formal Letters of Demand (FLD) with Details of Discrepancies but failed to either pay or to protest said assessments, hence making the said assessments final, executor, and demandable.

The subsequent issuance of Preliminary Collection Letters (PCL), Final Notices Before Seizure (FNBS), Warrants of Distraint and/or Levy (WDL), and Warrants of Garnishments (WG) was ignored by the respondents, as afore-cited assessments remained unpaid. The respondents' obstinate failure and continued refusal to pay their long overdue deficiency taxes, despite repeated demands, constitute willful failure to pay the taxes due to the government.

The cases filed against four delinquent taxpayers are the 48, 49 and 50 filed under Run After Tax Evaders (RATE) program under the leadership of Commisioner Caesar R. Dulay.

Source: Philippine News Agency