BIR: “No official statement or reaction to abolition issue”

The BIR is categorically denying having issued any statement or reaction to the alleged statements of President Rodrigo Duterte on the abolition of the tax agency amidst reports in the papers that tax officials were disappointed with the said pronouncements by the nation's top executive concerning corruption in the agency.

The alleged expressions or statements of disappointment being attributed to revenue officials came out in one of the leading newspapers.

"We did not issue any statement on the matter. Neither are we intending to issue one as we never did in the recent past. We in the tax agency respect the statements of the President and we will work along the lines of his mandate. We will abide with his marching orders," said BIR Spokesperson Marissa O. Cabreros.

The BIR released the denial to express its full support to the President in his desire to clean the tax agency and rid the same of scalawags who persist in perpetuating their corrupt and incorrigible ways.

Cabreros added: "We fully support the advocacy of the President and we certainly do not want to drive a wedge between the President and the BIR because of statements being attributed to us which convey a stand on issues concerning our agency that is inconsistent with that of the President. We never made those statements in the first place. We are one in supporting this administration and its thrusts."

Source: Philippine Information Agency