Bohol-bound fastcraft sails back after voltage malfunction

A fastcraft on its way to Tagbilaran City, Bohol was forced to sail back here on Friday after its starboard-side generator set experienced voltage fluctuation due to bogged down air-conditioning compressor.

At the Pier 1, all of the 191 passengers of Oceanjet 88 were transferred to Oceanjet 15 which departed at 10:10 a.m.

Lt. Junior Grade Michael John Encina, spokesperson of PCG-7, said Oceanjet 88 encountered an auxiliary malfunction while sailing along the vicinity of the Naga Point just between the seawater of Bohol and Cebu on Friday morning.

The report said a concerned citizen called up the PCG Aduana Station and informed them about what they noticed as unusual incident aboard the vessel.

Accordingly, on 8:45 a.m., while transiting at vicinity of Naga Point, Cebu, Capt. Guillermo Sulague, master of said vessel noticed some unusual sound of the engine, Encina's report said.

The vessel's chief engineer, Jonel Paulines, found out that the port and starboard's air-conditioning compressor broke down and experienced high voltage, affecting the starboard-side generator.

About 10 minutes after the malfunction, Sulague decided to sail back to Pier 1.

Encina said the PCG Aduana Station required Sulague to file a marine protest as basis for investigation that will determine the cause of air-conditioning compressor breakdown.

Source: Philippines News Agency