Briones to teachers : Emulate model educators

MANILA Education Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones on Tuesday called on educators to be creative in their teaching strategies and emulate the finalists of the Global Teacher Prize (GTP) as their role models.

During a media briefing on Tuesday, the Department of Education (DepEd) chief said teachers ought to be focused on how they could foster learning among their students instead of complaining about difficulties in their work and the things their classrooms lack.

Here we have teachers who rose from poverty, who started alone in their advocacies. They do their best despite hardships These are the true heroes who deserve to be idolized, who deserve to be emulated and who deserve the kind of love and affection that we in our society have always held for our teachers, Briones said.

To emphasize the importance of passion for teaching, Briones cited the story of Dr. Jesus Insilada and Ryan Homan, who were present during the event.

Insilada made it to the top 10 of the GTP for transforming the lives of his learners through culture-based teaching and inclusive learning while Homan made it to the top 40 for his reading advocacy dubbed as Balsa-Basa.

I hope this will inspire all of you. If you do well in your profession, or in the things that you do, there is no limit to how high you can go Dr. Insilada, the only Filipino among the top 10 finalists of the Global Teacher Prize award � a member of an IP community, a PhD holder, writer, and teacher-awardee � also has his fair share of struggles in life, but that did not stop him to strive for his dreams. And now he's making a difference in the lives of his students, Briones said.

When asked how the department is going to reward the teachers who made it to the finals for bring honor to the country, Briones said the department officials would have a meeting about it.

Mag-isip kame kung anong creative ways na mabigyan sila ng premyo kase ang certificate ay mapupunit namin yun maaanod kapag may bagyo. I think it is more about professional advancement. Ang importante talaga is the honor, the respect which is given I think dapat may mangyari (We will think about what creative ways to give them a reward, a certificate can get torn or lost in flood during a storm, I think it is more about professional advancement. What's really important is the honor, the respect which is givenI think something should happen), Briones said.

Briones will be one of the judges in the Global Teacher Prize which would be holding its awarding ceremony on March 18 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Insilida and Homan are set to fly to Dubai on March 14. Homan will attend the ceremony to cheer on Insilada.

Source: Philippine News Agency