Briones urges students to read more, study hard

MANILA Department of Education Secretary Leonor Briones on Monday called on all high school students nationwide to study hard and to read more as the school year 2018 to 2019 starts.

Study hard especially if you have plans to go on to college where there are standards for admission and entrance exams, learn more than what your books and teachers teach you, Briones said in her speech on the opening of classes at the Quezon City High School.

There will be time for other things that fascinate you, for the things you whisper, text and Facebook about, there will be time for those things later, but for now focus on studying, she said.

Briones also encouraged high school students to read more than what is required in school to succeed in life and to keep in pace with the changes happening worldwide.

Read more to sharpen your vocabulary and writing skills. Read because the world changes in every second it would have changed a lot after you finish high schoolyou know, leaders and successful people read books all the time, she said.

Briones also instructed teachers to facilitate learning in a fascinating and motivating way.

Teach them not to memorize, but to have problem solving and analytical skills. Help students discover the meaning of life on their own, she said.

With the opportunity to take up master's education, Briones said there would be no reason for teachers not to teach well and improve their skills.

In connection with this, Briones explained that DepEd's Computerization Program (DCP) would encourage students to read more and help them study lessons with ease.

The learning materials will be in the tablets which will be left at school. All formal education will just be in school, so that when students go home they will just bond with their family and friends, she said.

Earlier, DepEd has intensified public awareness about DCP for schools which aims to improve the quality of education in public schools.

This year, DepEd allocated some PHP8.647 billion for the computeration program. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency