Cardinal Quevedo condemns desecration of a chapel in North Cotabato

MANILA-- Cotabato Archbishop Cardinal Orlando Quevedo has condemned the desecration of the Catholic Chapel of Malagakit in the Parish of Pigcawayan in North Cotabato.

"As the leader of the Archdiocese of Cotabato, I condemn in the strongest terms possible the wicked desecration of the Catholic Chapel of Malagakit in the parish of Pigcawayan and most especially of the Sacred Hosts that were kept there for the Catholic faithful," he said in a statement.

"These are irreligious acts that cry out to heaven," he added, pertaining to what the members of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) have done to the chapel.

It was reported that the BIFF left the images of the Virgin Mary, a huge Crucifix and other statues were broken.

Also, the tabernacle, a place where consecrated hosts are kept, was opened and the hosts scattered on the floor.

At the same time, Quevedo urged the Catholic faithful to help in restoring the sacredness of their chapel.

The cardinal also asked all of them to pray for peace and harmony among all religions.

With this, Quevedo noted that BIFF leaders should penalized its erring members for doing "gravely sinful" actions.

"If the BIFF wants to have an image as a respecter of all religions, it must punish its members, who perpetrated the odious desecration in Malagakit, and educate all its members in strictly respecting other religions," he added.

Last Wednesday, the BIFF occupied Barangay Malagakit in the town of Pigcwayan and triggered clashes with government troops. They already left the area.

Source: Philippines News Agency