CBCP slams proposal restricting aircon for HK maids

MANILA-- The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission for Pastoral Care for Migrant and Itinerant People (CBCP-ECMI) criticized the proposal of a Hongkong politician to limit domestic helpers from using air-conditioning units.

Bishop Ruperto Santos, CBCP-ECMI chairman, described the move as discriminatory.

"Yes, it is unjust and unfair treatment. With this global warming, not to use aircons is added sufferings," he said.

The Bataan prelate believed that employers should treat their workers with compassion.

"As an act of compassion and fair treatment of migrant workers the employers must provide decent, humane and secured workplace for their workers," he said.

"To prohibit the use of aircons, is lessen too the capability and skills of workers to work better, easier and faster," Santos added.

Hong Kong district councilor Michael Lee proposed to limit air conditioning use of domestic helpers from tropical countries such as Philippines and Indonesia since they are used to the hot weather.

The city is one of the top destinations for Filipino household service workers (HSWs).

Advocates of helper's rights in Hong Kong have also expressed opposition on the proposal, saying that it is "unfair and inhumane."

Source: Philippine News Agency