Cebu City issues guidelines on community quarantine

Mayor Edgardo Labella on Tuesday issued guidelines for government employees, law enforcement, and medical personnel who are implementing the state of general community quarantine in the entire city.

Labella signed Executive Order 052-A strongly directing all city residents to stay in their homes and come out only when they buy food, medicines and necessary supplies or going to medical centers.

“No one should be in malls, community centers, commercial areas, and other public areas and other public areas if they do not have important transactions, business or otherwise,” the order read.

It clarified, however, that the city “is not on lockdown”.

In his order, Labella assured that in adopting alternative work arrangements, the delivery of basic services shall not be hampered and affected.

Medical centers, health-care establishments, and pharmacies are exempted from the 8 p.m. closure of establishments as directed by the order.

However, the implementing guideline stated that those in establishments exempted from the operational hour limit should maintain social distancing measures, while restaurant workers and other food vendors are directed to wear hairnets, mouth guards and gloves in handling food.

“Restaurants, fast-food chains, pastry shops and cafes are instructed to encourage their customers to do take out or take away purchases and/or provide food delivery services,” the implementing guideline further read, adding that “all night markets in the city shall be closed”.

The Carbon landing market is allowed to operate only from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Apart from the thermal scanners and hand sanitizers to be readily available in all private establishments, the implementing guidelines also ordered social distancing measures and cleanliness in open establishments.

The new EO allows essential work-related meetings and religious activities “as long as strict social distancing measures among those attending is maintained during the entirety of the event following the safety protocols prescribed by the Department of Health (DOH).”

Under the new order, fourth quarterly examinations in all schools at all levels will no longer be administered and except on learner-related matters, “teachers are not required to report to schools” but are required to finish their tasks required of them.

Using the internet, teachers are encouraged in the new order to explore online alternative learning delivery platforms identified by the Department of Education.

The implementing guidelines allow graduation, moving up and recognition rites but only from April 13 to 17 and mandated to maintain social distancing measures.

It also encouraged the adoption of flexible work arrangements like reduced work hours or workdays, rotation of workers and availment of leaves to cushion the effect of the loss of income to employees.

It also encouraged telecommuting or work-from-home schemes to minimize the mobility of individuals.

Although the city government declared all seaports closed, ships are allowed to leave the port of Cebu with passengers and cargoes but upon its return, only cargoes are allowed to enter the port and drivers from this city are the only ones allowed to pick them.

Source: Philippines News Agency