Court execs must report on Election Day, resolve poll matters: SC

MANILA The Supreme Court (SC) on Friday reminded executive judges and clerks of court to report to duty on Monday to act on all election-related matters within their jurisdiction.

Under Circular No. 05-2019 issued by the Office of the Court Administrator, Chief Justice Bersamin also directed them to resolve all election related cases brought to them with utmost caution and dispatch.

In Circular No. 05-2019, the executive judge may designate the vice-executive judge or any of the judges in the station if the same would not be able to report for duty on Monday.

In vacant single sala Regional Trial Courts (RTCs) where the court of the acting presiding judge is very far from the court concerned, any urgent election matter shall be referred for appropriate action by the clerk of court to the executive judge of the nearest court or station.

In the case of vacant Metropolitan Trial Courts (MeTCs), Municipal Trial Courts in Cities (MTCCs), Municipal Trial Courts (MTCs), and Municipal Circuit Trial Courts (MCTCs), the election matter shall be referred to the presiding judge of the nearest court or to the executive judge, whichever is nearer.

The Office of the Clerk of Court shall maintain a skeletal force to attend to the collection of court fees and to receive cash bonds or any other bonds that may be posted for election offenses.

On Thursday, MalacaAang in Proclamation No. 719, declared May 13, 2019 as a special non-working holiday throughout the country for the National and Local Elections. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency