DAP to open new communication course on October 2

The Development Academy of the Philippines, true to its calling as the premier government training and research agency, is set to open a compact, practitioner-oriented training program on communication as a tool for development.

Called Communication for Development or C4D, the course is an experienced-based learning program that dissects communication as "a dynamic process of multi-level communicator-audience interaction." This is set to make its maiden run from October 2-7, 2016 at the DAP Conference Center in Tagaytay City.

The new course is part of a renewed effort by the DAP to expand its reach to more third-level government officers through learning opportunities not only in leadership but also in competencies that are required of them as practitioners of specific disciplines. The C4D training program also fulfills a commitment that DAP President Antonio Kalaw Jr. had made when he addressed one of the meetings of the Development Communicators' Network.

Aside from C4D, seven more programs covering other specialized disciplines are now in various stages of design. Their maiden sessions are slated to run during the next six months.

Proactive and holistic

C4D is viewed as a "purposive, value-laden and pragmatic endeavor" being facilitated by catalysts for social transformation and development. The catalysts in this case are the communicators, who are expected to create or establish the platforms through which stakeholders would be actively engaged and empowered to deal with the challenges that go with development.

The title "communication for development" or C4D was chosen to highlight its proactive and holistic nature as well as the primacy that it gives to strategies for coopting various stakeholders and enabling them to become advocates rather than mere objects of development initiatives and processes.

Stakeholders' view over implementors' view

The C4D program advocates a shift in the communications paradigm, moving from an approach that leans heavily on the project planner's or implementor's perspective to one that is based on situational realities and draws from the views and concerns of relevant stakeholders. Such a paradigm shift is necessary if the development projects of government are to transform from a confrontational and resistance-laden scenario to a genuinely collaborative and supportive undertaking.

C4D is a five-day live-in program. It consists of four modules, namely, 1) Communication for Development: A Paradigm Shift; 2) Creating the Platforms for Dialogue and Advocacy; 3) Enhancing Communication Skills for C4D Planning and Implementation; and 4) From Strategy to Creativity. For its maiden run, the Academy is offering a 50 percent subsidy, hence a registration fee of only P16,500 will be charged per participant.

For further clarification, interested parties may call the following: Jam Tesalona at 631-2127, and Chin Maglaya at 631-0921, local 143.

Source: Philippine Information Agency