Davao City opens 1st paw park

For Dabawenyos who are looking for a place where their furry friends can play and relax, the first-ever paw park located in Azuela Cove here was opened to the public on Sunday.

Spearheaded by the Belgian Malinois Davao Inc. (BMDI), the place will be available to everyone for free every day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Quinn Martin Jarabelo, member of the BMDI, said the establishment of the park was conceptualized last year.

Azuela asked us if we want to have a paw park. We immediately said yes since that's our dream to have one here in Davao like in Tagum City, Jarabelo told Philippine News Agency on Sunday.

He said they expect people to appreciate the park knowing that there is already a place for their pets to play since it is the first in the city.

We want a place for every pet lover in the city since there is no specific place in Davao where we can bring out pets, he added.

Jarabelo also assured the safety of pets inside the park which is surrounded with fence.

However, he reminded the public to clean their own waste as stated in the rules posted in the front of the park.

The park is equipped with materials which can help improve the dog's agility and skills. Our group also conducted seminars for those who are interested to study about proper handling of dogs, Jarabelo added.

The BMDI said the establishment of the park creates awareness to the public that their pets have their own happiness and needed some time to relax too.

They can now bring their pets here without much restriction. Dog lovers can expect a place where their dogs can play freely without fear, Jarabelo said.

He added that training the dog is necessary so they can help their owners at any given time.

Jarabelo also reminded the Dabawenyos to be responsible pet owners and love them truly like having a child of their own instead of putting them in cages.

Give them love and time for they also love their owners unconditionally in return, he added.

Source: Philippines News Agency