DepEd exec: Scouting clubs foster nationalism

MANILA Membership in scouting associations instill and nurture a sense of nationalism among the youth, an official of the Department of Education (DepEd) said on Monday.

In an interview with the Philippine News Agency (PNA), DepEd Undersecretary Annalyn Sevilla stressed that membership in movements such as Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) develop love for the country and fellowmen among young girls.

"I myself used to be a member of GSP a long time ago, and, being a girl scout has a huge influence or impact on young girls' nationalism," she said.

Apart from having activities which develop camaraderie and patriotism, Sevilla said the GSP oath and promise "condition the mind of the young girls" to be disciplined, helpful, and productive.

"Being a girl scout is just the start, but when girls finally become women and responsible members of the society, being wives, parents or career women and they can be useful partners for DepEd or parent-teacher associations, and become role models for the younger generation," she said.

Recognizing how technological advancements steal the youth's interest on meaningful and patriotic activities, Sevilla suggested that GSP should come up with activities and events that would entice young girls to become members.

"I learned it is no longer mandatory unlike before. GSP should come up with a proposal, the activities and events of GSP should be congruent with DepEd's curriculum and advocacy for easier coordination," she said.

GSP has an eight-point program that could help develop patriotism among members and guide them in challenges to their well-being, environment, preparedness, family life, economic self-sufficiency, heritage and citizenship, arts and world community.

Through this program, GSP inspires young girls to live simply, survive by being resourceful, make calculated decisions and become independent individuals, Sevilla told PNA.

Founded on May 26, 1940, GSP is a scouting association helping young girls and women become responsible members of their homes, the country and the world community. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency