DILG eyes ‘phase-by-phase’ rehab, not total shutdown of Boracay

MANILA Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Officer-in-Charge-Secretary Eduardo AAo said on Monday his department's recommendation for a 60-day "total shutdown" of top tourism spot Boracay Island is only an option.

Such possibility, he said, was thought of to pave way for the rehabilitation of the island following the surfacing of Boracay's environmental issue.

AAo said a phase-by-phase rehabilitation in the island is what the DILG would possibly do, as not to hurt the local businesses.

The DILG is set to submit on Monday its recommendation to President Rodrigo Duterte on the Boracay issue.

AAo said the department had taken into consideration the requests of the business owners in Boracay so their businesses would not be affected much.

He added the DILG had tackled all the possible arrangements and that all the establishments would have the chance to properly fix their sewage systems.

The DILG chief also warned they would destroy all illegal structures in the place if the owners would not voluntarily demolish them.

He said all those accountable to the Boracay mess face being charged in court, adding the DILG was given 30 days to investigate, especially on the environmental fees being collected and the issuance of environmental permits to businessmen.

The investigation will cover the period from 2008 to 2018.

AAo clarified the ongoing cleanup at Boracay is for the sake of the locals and tourists alike.

Source: Philippine News Agency