Disbarment case filed vs. impeachment complainant Gadon

MANILA A lawyer has filed a disbarment complaint before the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) against Atty. Lorenzo 'Larry' Gadon, the complainant who filed the impeachment case against Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno, over his alleged disgraceful conduct.

In his 10-page complaint dated March 15 but was obtained by reporters on Thursday, lawyer Wilfredo Garrido Jr., sought the immediate disbarment of Gadon and removal of his name from the Roll of Attorneys for alleged dishonesty, arrogance and rudeness in the course of the impeachment proceedings in the House justice committee.

Gadon is accused of violating the lawyers' Code of Professional Responsibility, particularly Canons 7, 8, 19 and Rules 7.03, 8.1 and 19.01 (A).

Garrido alleged that Gadon committed perjury several times during the impeachment hearings - as records of the House panel would verify - and also knowingly executed a false verification in his complaint stating he had personal knowledge of his allegations against Sereno.

Apart from lying, Atty. Gadon is also skilled in harassing and haranguing his own colleagues in public," the complainant stressed, citing the threats made by Gadon against the Chief Justice and the harassment suits he filed against court personnel who testified in favor of Sereno in the hearings.

Garrido explained that Gadon's impeachment bid has already become a "campaign of harassment against other civil servants."

Atty. Gadon's conduct should be judged regardless of the outcome of the impeachment complaint against CJ Sereno or the cases he has filed or threatened to file against other court employees. By and of itself, his conduct is disgraceful and a black-eye on the profession, the lawyer added.

Garrido said that on Feb. 22, Gadon publicly tried to force Sereno to resign by dangling threats of supposed criminal cases to be filed against Supreme Court officials. Gadon made true his promise when he filed graft charges against them before the Department of Justice last March 12 after Sereno rejected his resignation call.

The complainant lamented how Gadon's bid to oust Sereno left a trail of ruined reputations, derailed careers, and shamed families.

He (Gadon) has destroyed careers and reputations. He has demeaned his profession. He must be disbarred. What is even more striking is that he did not mind if he had personal knowledge of the facts alleged in his complaints, or that he had adequate legal bases for the same, Garrido stressed.

Sought for comment, Gadon said the disbarment complaint that he said was filed by a "lawyer who only wants to be popular by riding on the impeachment issue."

"He (Garrido) just wants to be popular. I don't care about that disbarment threat," he noted.

This is not the first disbarment case against Gadon.

Last August, two lawyers asked the Supreme Court (SC) to act on the disbarment case filed against Gadon.

In a five-page letter addressed to Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, chair of Second division where the disbarment case was assigned, Algamar Latiph and Musa Malayang said their complaint seeking to drop Gadon from the country's roll of attorneys has been unresolved since April 2016.

The two lawyers had sought Gadon's disbarment for threatening to kill all residents of Mindanao, including women and children, to bring peace in the strife-torn region.

He issued the controversial remarks in two separate television interviews during the election campaign period last year.

The case stemmed from Gadon's supposed hateful remarks uttered against the Muslim population when he was interviewed by television networks in his capacity as candidate for the 2016 senatorial elections to present his platform of government.

In the said interviews, Gadon vowed to pulverize Muslim communities if they will not cooperate in the government's bid to address the insurgency and rebellion problem in the region.

Gadon, in the same interviews, expressed his readiness to exterminate innocent children, women, men and old folks and burn houses too if they would ignore his plea to work together with the government.

Based on the news accounts, there were other two cases filed against the respondent for the same above facts.

We respectfully pray for the Honorable Court to favorably act on the complaint, the letter read.

Gadon ran and lost in the senatorial race in the May 2016 polls under the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan, the political party founded by the late former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Source: Philippine News Agency