DOE empowers students to champion energy in their respective campuses

Recognizing students as powerful agents of change, the Department of Energy (DOE) has reinforced its linkage with the academe by establishing a Consumer Education Program (CEP) through its Consumer Welfare and Promotion Office (CWPO), which aims to create greater awareness and understanding about sources of energy while bringing the DOE closer to the public.

Recently, the DOE opened its doors to various student groups. Engr. Arwin Ardon, President and CEO of PNOC-Renewables Corp. introduced basic electricity concepts, safety tips and initiated exercises for the students to work on.

To better comprehend electricity and its usage in practical terms, there were lectures on the dynamics of the power market, such as how trading in the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market affects electricity pricing.

The DOE's energy labelling program was explained by two technical experts, Engrs. Eduardo Fernandez and Isagani Soriano.

A technical tour was conducted for the students at the DOE-Lighting and Appliance Testing Laboratory (LATL) within the Energy Center, where the performance of household appliances and lighting devices is tested and labeled according to their efficiency ratings.

The LATL, a component of the Energy Research and Testing Laboratory Services (ERTLS) headed by Director Amelia M. de Guzman, implements and monitors energy labelling in the country.

An energy label, which is affixed to the unit, guides consumers in their purchasing decision by comparing the efficiency and calculating the cost of operating such appliance/device.

Among those who have been participating in the CWPO's CEP are the graduating classes from the STI College of Computer Engineering led by Dr. Noreen Baus-Billanes, Senior High School Assistant Principal with School Administrator Ms. Maricris I. Tamula and Ms. Lilibeth Calpito, Adviser of the College of Engineering 901. Senior High School students from the Communication and Computer Technology class of STI also joined the group.

Likewise, second year college students from the University of Makati (UMAK) College of Technology Management headed by its Department Head Mr. Norman Pichay with Messrs. Tristituto P. Ganaden, Gilbert F. Bautista and Dennis P. Montealegre composed the second batch of participants to the Energy Briefing.

A third group of students who braved the storm just to learn more about energy belonged to Mr. Estalino Barredo's Senior High School Electrical Installation and Maintenance class also UMAK.

"We feel more than empowered and would certainly bring the knowledge we've learned when we get back to our campus. We wish this will be the start of the constant sharing with the youth," a student remarked.

Gauging the students' energy awareness level, there exists a gap between theoretical and practical application that needs to be filled up. In response, the DOE intend to conduct more information, education and communication campaigns about the energy sector.

Source: Philippine Information Agency