DOE to highlight energy resiliency in EPower Mo conference

MANILA The Department of Energy (DOE) will highlight energy resiliency in its 6th EPower Mo conference slated on June 26 at its office in Taguig City.

The conference will focus on resiliency, in anticipation of the rainy season in the coming months. Experts in this highly specialized area will be the main speakers in the plenary session, DOE spokesperson Felix William Fuentebella told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Thursday.

DOE has prepared several breakout sessions, with topics on downstream oil and natural gas, upstream oil and gas, renewable energy, power, alternative fuels, energy efficiency, and the consumer sector.

Fuentebella said the DOE seeks to compile all programs and initiatives in the energy sector through the Resiliency Compliance Plan.

"After reviewing these plans, the DOE will sit down with stakeholders for knowledge sharing and the adoption of standards and best practices," he added.

Energy stakeholders and consumers were invited to the conference.

The 6th EPower Mo conference, with the theme, "Developing Energy Resilient Philippines", aims to raise public awareness about its role in attaining this goal.

"The public can contribute by being informed. Participation in EPower Mo conferences is a good avenue to be familiarized on what the citizenry can do," he remarked.

Fuentebella shared attendees could also learn about the simple efficiency practices and habits that greatly contribute to resiliency efforts, the safe handling of petroleum products and LPG cylinders, and clearing of the power lines for energy security.

According to the DOE, energy resiliency is also about ensuring that homes, communities, and businesses are able to adapt to unforeseen situations and have access to the uninterrupted supply of energy services.

"All sectors must work handinhand to attain energy security. The DOE is not only focused on managing the supply, but also on the demandside. As a whole, the DOE believes that a clearer understanding of the entire energy chain by the energy consumers will go a long way," Fuentebella said. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency