DOH 6 on guard vs. ‘viral pneumonia’

mid the concern on the new and unidentified pneumonia-causing virus in China, the Department of Health-Center for Health Development in Western Visayas (DOH-CHD 6) assured Ilonggos on Wednesday they are on top of the situation.

The Bureau of Quarantine has intensified its screening of incoming travelers in international ports and airports, as directed by Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, said Dr. Jane Juanico, head for the infectious disease section of the DOH-CHD 6, in a phone interview.

She said the region had heeded the central office's advisory. The Bureau of Quarantine had already been doing the control measures. They are on heightened alert on checking our travelers, she said.

International airports in Panay island are the Iloilo International Airport in Cabatuan, Iloilo province and the Kalibo International Airport in Aklan province.

The DOH-CHD, meanwhile, is tasked to strengthen the advocacy for the public to become aware of the viral pneumonia with unknown origin.

Juanico said experts from different global agencies, partners, and global communities have not yet declared the specific virus that is causing the viral pneumonia.

We still do not know how this can be transmitted, and even the possible host that it comes from, she said.

Like any other acute respiratory illness, Juanico said possible patients of viral pneumonia might experience symptoms like fever, cough, runny nose, body pain, and headache.

The health department also recommends that the public maintain a healthy lifestyle, proper hygiene, and inspection control of the environment.

If one has symptoms like cough and runny nose, he or she should also exercise to cover the mouth to avoid the spread of any flu, she said.

Source: Philippines News Agency