DOH expects first batch of graduates from N. Ecija rehab facility by mid-2017

MANILA-- The Department of Health (DOH) will have its first batch of graduates from one of its rehabilitation facility before the middle of this year as part of its continuing efforts aimed at giving drug addicts a chance to reform.

According to DOH Secretary Dr. Paulyn Jean B. Rosell Ubial, by end-May or early June, the DOH is expecting the graduation of 22 patient that were admitted there last December 2016.

So these will be the first graduates of the Mega Treatment and Rehab Facility (in Nueva Ecija), Ubial said during the #RealNumbersPH Forum held in Crowne Plaza, Ortigas, Quezon City on Tuesday.

This facility in Nueva Ecija was opened last November 29, 2016 and was graced by a Chinese businessman and philanthropist Mr. Huang Rulun of China and President Rodrigo R. Duterte.

As of April 30, there are about 227 patients admitted in the facility.

This was created as part of the effort of DOH in increasing the number of treatment and rehabilitation centers and making these available in every region of the country to meet the possible demands for DATRCs in order to save the drug users from becoming a menace to society.

Those who are admitted to it are those assessed by physicians as severe users.

The DOH considers both drug abuse and drug dependence as a mental health concern. We look at the spectrum of health services from preventive, promotive to curative which is detoxification lasting for two weeks or more and rehabilitative lasting from six months up to 12 months, the Health Chief further said.

The Health Chief is also optimistic that drug users can be reformed and become a part of nation-building.

They need help. There's hope for them to recovery and be reintegrated back to society as productive citizens of the country, Ubial told in an interview with the Philippine News Agency.

Source: Philippines News Agency