Don’t deal with my family, Duterte warns anew

MANILA President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Wednesday reminded members of his Cabinet that none of his family members or relatives should be given special treatment especially when it comes to matters concerning the government.

Di ba sinabi ko sa inyo (Didn't I tell you), if it is a request coming from (my) son, daughter, relatives, consider it denied, Duterte said in a speech at the Bureau of Customs in Manila.

Prangkahan mo (Be frank). Sorry, sabi ni mayor (said), not even to entertain, he added.

Last week, Duterte fired Department of Transportation (DOTr) Assistant Secretary Mark Tolentino for allegedly having dealings with his sister, who was not named.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque had announced the firing of Tolentino for having dealings with the President's sister but did not give further details.

The President reiterated that he did not believe in the term First Family, calling it passe.

There is no such thing in the Philippines as a family. That first family does not enjoy any advantage at all, Duterte said.

Nothing fancy

Duterte, who has in several occasions mentioned that he prefers living a simple life, also said that he did not even ask for sumptuous meals prepared during Cabinet meetings.

Bahay ng gobyerno 'yan, ang pagkain diyan gastos ng gobyerno (That's the home of the government, and the meals are also spent by the government), Duterte said.

He said that he would prefer one cup of rice, one main dish, and soup over steak or even a hotel buffet.

It's always isang kanin, one cup na maliit, isang ulam, pati isang sabaw. I've done away with itong mga steak, steak (It's always one cup of rice, one main dish, and soup. I've done away with steak), Duterte said.

The President said that he is not used to eating fancy meals. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency