DOST features textile products, innovations in 2017 S and T Week

MANILA-- Department of Science and Technology (DOST), through its attached agency, the Philippine Textile Research Institute (PTRI), showcased various products and latest innovations in the textile industry at the 2017 National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) slated from July 11-15 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

PTRI is tasked to enhance the production of indigenous materials in the country. Through intensive researches, the PTRI was able to produce blended yarns of abaca, indigenous fiber, pineapple, among others.

This year's NSTW theme is "Science for the People". DOST Secretary Fortunato Dela Pena earlier noted that the agency wants to make the public feel the benefits of science and technology.

Until Saturday, the public is welcome to see for themselves the latest products and innovations of the PTRI. The agency believes that these innovations can help boost the country's local textile industry.

Through the PTRI's exhibit mounted at the World Trade Center, the public will get the chance to appreciate the fabrics produced with 20-40 percent indigenous yarn blends.

The PTRI focuses on innovating and experimenting on indigenous and natural fabrics, aiming to make the Philippine textile products at par with the global textile industry.

Also, the agency is working on projects and researches on tropical fabrics and natura dyes.

According to PTRI, it has already conducted more than 100 natural dye extractions.

Meanwhile, the PTRI will also showcase its Portable Therapeutic Handloom, as well as its modified handloom weaving machine.

The Portable Therapeutic Handloom was designed for persons with disabilities, especially those with paraplegics. It was designed with a hand-held lever that functions as pedals.

The modified handloom, on the other hand, enables direct winding of cloth to the cloth beam. It was developed to enhance the weaver's productivity, since it has four harnesses and four pedals.

Apart from innovations in the textile industry, the DOST is also showcasing many other products and researches at the World Trade Center.

Various fora, scientific talks, exhibits and film showing were also slated.

Source: Philippines News Agency