DOT vows improved branding campaign

Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo reiterated that the Department of Tourism (DOT) is implementing the final stages of the country's tourism campaign "It's More Fun In the Philippines," even as the agency is aggressively taking steps to upscale it. "The slogan itself is catchy as it is but there is a big room for improvement. The country and the people has so much more to offer than sheer fun," Teo told reporters recently, at the Tourism Summit in Diamond Hotel, Manila. During the conference attended by some 500 tourism industry stakeholders, Teo led the unveiling of the National Tourism Development Plan (NTDP) for 2017-2022 that shall cater to a lot more diverse visitor markets. Teo clarified the DOT is not junking the tourism campaign launched in January 2012 by the previous administration. Instead, the agency has commissioned an advertising firm to make it more meaningful, showcasing the "total tourism experience" the Philippines offers. "We are exploring the country's full potentials as a world-class choice destination that it is," the DOT head stressed. Over the weekend, Teo disclosed that McCann Worldgroup Philippines bagged the P650-million project the DOT put up for bidding recently. This undertaking includes media placements for P580 million, and production fees of P70 million, inclusive of all applicable taxes, commissions and production of creative materials for a year-long campaign. The media placements, which will be placed in countries classified as emerging markets, shall include at least eight audio-visual presentations, eight television commercials, eight radio commercials, 16 print advertisements, and the DOT's website upgrade. Costs of production of advertising and creative materials for the campaign will include the necessary translations to other languages of the creative materials. Payments will be made only upon approval of the campaign concept and timelines and approval of the media plan. Teo further pointed out that the P650 funding will be sourced from the P1 billion earmarked by the previous administration for the "It's More Fun" campaign. She assured the public, particularly the tourism stakeholders, that an improved country branding shall result in "optimal media exposure" and shall establish a stronger brand-consumer relationship across geographical markets worldwide in the digital age. Meanwhile, Nina Terol, Corporate Affairs Director of McCann stressed that they are working hand in hand with the DOT to finalize the list of timetables and deliverables. "We know they have been studying the matter and are considering various data points in order to make the best decision moving forward." The upscaled and much improved campaign, which will showcase the total Philippine tourism experience, will be launched in January 2017 in time for the Philippine-hosting of the Miss Universe Pageant in Manila, Teo said.

Source: Philippine Information Agency