DOTr moves to Clark starting July 28,2017

MANILA-- The Department of Transportation (DOTr) is set to transfer its main office to Clark as part of efforts to further decongest traffic in Metro Manila and boost economic growth in the countryside.

The decision to transfer is in line with the unwavering efforts of the government to decongest Metro Manila, reduce travel time, improve travel of motorists and help boost development in its peripheries, the department said in a statement Monday.

The transfer will be conducted gradually by batches to ensure system and efficient transition. The initial batch consisting of the offices of the Secretary, Undersecretaries, and Communications will relocate to Clark on July 28, 2017.

The DOTr expects to complete the transfer by the end of this year.

The DOTr said the relocation is expected to generate savings due to less rental and overhead costs in Clark as well as gaining potential income from opening its units in Columbia Towers at Ortigas for lease.

The transportation department stands to earn about PHP 9.3 million per year from the transfer.

The DOTr also stated that it had conducted dialogues with its employees to thresh out issues, differences and fears about the transfer.

It will provide free shuttle service for employees going to and from Clark, implement flexible time and four day work week schedule to address their concerns. Subsidized accommodations for its personnel are also being discussed by the department.

Furthermore, DOTr employees were given the option to transfer or be assigned to any of its attached agencies.

Likewise, employees from its attached agencies who wish to be based in Clark were also given the option to transfer or be detailed to the DOTr.

According to a study of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), traffic congestion in Metro Manila is costing the country at least PHP 2.4 billion daily, which if left without intervention, could likely reach to PHP 6 billion a day by 2030.

Source: Philippines News Agency