DTI to lead 9 business, investment programs for ASEAN 2017

MANILA-- The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) will lead nine business and investment programs for the 2017 ASEAN Summit.

DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez has bared on Tuesday these events during the launching of ASEAN 2017 Business and Investment Program which was also attended by President Rodrigo Duterte.

DTI, as chair of the ASEAN 2017 Committee on Business and Investment Promotion (CBIP), will hold in April the ASEAN MSMEs-Mentors Conference that will gather business mentors in the region who can equip knowledge to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) on access to capital, markets, industries, and innovation.

The CBIP will also hold ASEAN Creative Cities Forum and Exhibit to showcase initiatives of ASEAN member states for sustainable development and urban regeneration.

As the country hosts the International Food Exposition (IFEX) in May, DTI targets to bring ASEAN SMEs in the event to promote food brands from the region.

By August, there will be an ASEAN Women's Business Conference which aims to encourage women to expand their participation into the region's economy.

The following month, the government will host Inclusive Business Summit to share best practices of the 10 member states on implementing inclusive business models.

The 2nd ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival will also take place in the country this year. The launching of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Association Charter will coincide in this event.

Now on its third year, DTI's Slingshot will likewise coincide in 2017 ASEAN Summit which aims to promote an ecosystem of innovation in the region.

Another innovation-centered event, dubbed as Creative Marketplace, will be conducted by CBIP this year.

Lastly, the ASEAN MSME Summit will be in conjunction of ASEAN Leaders' Summit in November.

The ASEAN Mentors Network will also be launched during the MSME Summit.

"The Philippines, through DTI, wants to highlight business programs and events that will complement the ASEAN efforts to champion the inclusion of MSMEs in the international trade, and the strengthened promotion of youth and women entrepreneurship," said Lopez.

"As ASEAN, we are highly aware in the need to increase participation from all sectors to ensure that the benefits of integration are fully realized and shared by everyone in the region," he added.

The CBIP, as established by the ASEAN National Organizing Committee (NOC), is an inter-agency committee which engage international business community, investors, government, and other stakeholders in business- and investment-related activities during the country's hosting of ASEAN summit this year. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency